Pregnant pause(ˈprɛɡnənt pɔz), idiom: A pause or silence that is laden with meaning or significance.

This is it. We’re here. We’ve arrived.

Charles Eisenstein, in his poignant essay The Coronation, writes about the historical moment in which we, as a global species, now find ourselves:

For most of my life…

The following is a response to my beloved Papa-san, who’d sent me a piece on CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies).
(!!! He’s 83. Sharp as. And picking things up quickly.)

It’s early 2021. This will be a pivotal year for the human species, as the dialogue between the ecos —…

Toni Morrison

In 2015, Toni Morrison wrote:

“For most of the last five centuries, Africa has been understood to be poor, desperately poor, in spite of the fact that it is outrageously rich in oil, gold, diamonds, precious metals, etc. But since those riches do not, in large part, belong to the…

So Beyond Paradigms happened.

We invited people, some very very bright people, bringers of change from diverse communities locally and globally, to come together.

We invited them into a new conversation. A conversation within which we would agree to listen to, and receive one another, more deeply.

And then we…

Over the holiday I’ve largely switched off online media. I’ve been very quiet and inward. I’ve read some books. I’ve watched some films. I’ve been in deep meditation, and deep contemplation; mostly about our technology, our systems, and our humanity.

Here’s my current perspective, upon emerging from a reflective solitude.

Please forgive the length of this; my heart is full today.

A recent Wired headline that reads: Bitcoin Will Burn the Planet Down. The Question: How Fast? was forwarded to me by a friend with a “Whaddya reckon?” preface.

What I reckon — and remember — is that many of…

(very hungry caterpillar)

In a world that’s gone exponential — in virtually every way — how do we predict what happens next?

We don’t.

We invent it. And to do that, we strengthen our capacity for positive imagination. We focus on healing ourselves from stress, trauma and the culturally-entrained mistrust of life.


JP Parker

Recovering futurist. Accidental economist. Integrator, activator, accelerator.

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